Tuberville In the News: AL.COM: ‘We’re being invaded’ by migrants, Tuberville says; Flight claims contradicted by Alabama airports

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville today blasted the Biden Administration for its response to migrants on the Southern border, saying immigrants are being flown into at least one Alabama airport.

“We’re being invaded,” Tuberville said during a press call, in response to a question on border security.

“We all know that. The Biden administration has no clue about a border, or how to protect the border and how to protect the American people.”

Tuberville went on to say he has seen evidence of immigrants flying into Alabama.

“I did receive a video, oh, I guess, six-or-seven months ago, somebody took a video at Birmingham Airport where they were unloading immigrants off of a plane, into buses,” he said.

“I’ve actually, coming from the border, have ridden a commercial airliner with half of the plane with illegal immigrants on that plane, headed to different parts of the country.”

“Regardless, you can’t deny the impact that President Biden’s open borders policy is having on our state and country. We need to secure our borders. We need to know who’s coming in. We are losing thousands of young people a day to the drugs and substances coming across our border.”

A spokesperson for Tuberville said his office would provide the video in question later if available.

Kim Hunt, public information officer with the Birmingham Airport Authority, said Customs and Border Protection charters flights into Birmingham.

Hunt had no information about who is on those flights.

“That could be what he’s referring to,” she said. “Those are government charters, and those operate outside the bounds of the airport terminal. We’re not aware of any video though.”

A representative with CBP said the agency could comment later on the matter.

The comments came in reference to a story in Yellowhammer News about charter flights leaving El Paso International Airport over a three-day period from June 29 through July 2, arriving at Tuscaloosa National Airport and Montgomery Regional Airport.

Jeff Powell, Tuscaloosa’s airport director, said the flights in question which landed there carried parts for Mercedes-Benz.

The flights originate from El Paso after the parts have cleared through customs at the border. They may involve small aircraft, or everything up to a Boeing 737, DC-9, or turbo aircraft.

“We’ve been supporting those flights for years,” he said. “They come on an ad hoc basis – they’re not regularly scheduled. We may have them everyday for weeks, and then they may go dormant for months.”

Powell said similar flights regularly make stops in Montgomery for Hyundai, at Spartanburg, S.C. for BMW, or in Detroit for American automakers. However, no flights are coming into Tuscaloosa with migrants, he said.

“Anybody who is curious can come to the airport and see what’s going on,” he said. “It’s not anything we’re hiding.”

A representative for Montgomery Regional Airport could not immediately comment on the report.

Tuberville’s comments come at a time when border security has been a hot topic among Republican lawmakers.

Border Patrol agents reportedly encountered more than 239,000 migrants crossing the southern border in May, which is the highest monthly total on record.

NBC reported on Tuesday that the Mexican government has agreed to provide roughly $1.5 billion toward new construction projects aimed at border security, such as modernizing ports of entry and enhanced screening processes for immigrants.

Tuberville said in other comments that the border security situation is not easily solved.

“There is not a lot we can do,” he said. “We have been down there (to the border) with senators going and they are coming across faster than we can stop them. Our Border Patrol has changed their duties since Biden took over. They’ve become people who do paper work and just let people in.

“Tennessee is having a huge problem. Mississippi is having a problem. Again, they’re sending these illegals all over the country. We have all of this inflation going on and it’s a disaster. We’ll pay the price and just remember this, Joe Biden is not paying for these illegals coming in for their medical, education, food and housing. You, the taxpayer, are paying for it,” Tuberville said.