Tuberville In the News: 1819 News: Col. James Henderson: Sen. Tuberville, hold the line

As a retired Army colonel with 26 years of service — including commanding soldiers in Vietnam and in the U.S.; commanding Pueblo Army Depot, a large industrial installation; and serving in key staff positions, including Deputy Director of the DIA Missile and Space Intelligence Center — I am well qualified to respond to those who are either misinformed or who deliberately misrepresent the truth regarding Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R) actions. I strongly support his blocking military promotions for the reasons below. 

Alabama’s senior senator is using the tools at his disposal to hold the Department of Defense accountable for subsidizing the killing of unborn children, a policy which is clearly an attempt to circumvent federal law after the Roe v. Wade reversal by the U.S. Supreme Court. I believe Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin should focus on defending our nation rather than placating the political left at the expense of our military readiness. I also find the use of taxpayer funds for this purpose to be despicable, as do the majority of people in our country.

Instead of injecting politics into the military, our military leaders should focus on returning our military to its mission of defending our nation, not promoting abortions or divisive “woke” concepts that weaken our military, including the use of racial quotas rather than merit in many personnel actions. 

Those who claim that delaying the promotions of generals and admirals impacts readiness should consider the long-standing practice of “frocking” officers. This is a practical means of allowing officers to serve in the next higher rank before they receive a formal promotion with pay. For example, I was serving as a lieutenant colonel in a colonel’s position but was “frocked” to serve as colonel until I was officially promoted. 

I can assure you that our armed services do not have any general or admiral positions that are not being filled with qualified officers. 

Tuberville is refusing to be swayed by the “Swamp.” I commend him for his courage, and I am sure he will continue to stand firm in support of the Constitution, the taxpayers, and the right to life. 

Hold the line, Coach!