Border Security

We need to secure the border, plain and simple. America is a nation built on the rule of law, which means we must enforce existing immigration laws and refuse to reward those who break these laws.

Under President Trump, we had the most secure border in history. President Trump removed incentives for illegal immigration by enforcing our existing laws, empowering border officials and law enforcement to do their jobs, building hundreds of miles of secure border wall, and leveraging the Remain in Mexico policy.

Ever since Joe Biden took office, the southern border has been a complete disaster. Over 10 million illegal immigrants have crossed our borders, facilitated by cartels and costing the American taxpayers billions of dollars. Dangerous criminals, terrorists, human traffickers, and drug dealers have poured into our country and made our communities unsafe.

In my first year in office, I visited the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas to witness the crisis firsthand. I went back to the southern border in 2022 and spoke directly with those on the frontline of the crisis. During this visit, I saw illegal immigrants crossing the border at the Del Rio section, while overwhelmed and underfunded Border Patrol agents struggled to keep up with the unprecedented influx of illegal immigration. 

Until we start enforcing our existing laws, the border crisis will only continue to get worse.

Securing the Border

I support common-sense policies that strengthen our border and national security like building a border wall, reinstating Migrant Protection Protocols, and shutting down the border until the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regains operational control.

  • Soon after getting elected, I introduced my first piece of legislation, which would require DHS to issue notices to appear to every single person paroled or released into the United States. Because of Biden’s refusal to enforce our laws, the border has become so overrun that Customs and Border Protection officers were forced to quickly release illegal immigrants into U.S. communities with no follow up for a date in immigration court.
  • supported the Secure the Border Act—the Senate companion to H.R. 2, which increases the number of Border Patrol Agents and criminalizes visa overstays, among numerous other fixes to the current state of the border. This common-sense legislation places stricter punishment on illegal immigrant crossings into the country and increases accountability within DHS.
  • introduced the Border Safety and Security Act to protect Americans by combatting the border crisis created by President Biden’s immigration policies. This legislation forces the Secretary of Homeland Security to shut down the border until DHS has regained control over illegal immigration trends and gives increased authority to state attorneys general to hold DHS accountable if the Department fails in its duty to restrict entry and detain illegal immigrants.
  • After the 2024 State of the Union, I wrote an op-ed, partly in response to Biden’s claim that, “there is nothing he can do to secure the border.”

Stopping the Flow of Fentanyl

Our country is in the midst of a fentanyl crisis, trafficked across our open borders by cartels. It’s devastating communities everywhere, even in Alabama. Fentanyl is the leading cause of death among Americans ages 18-45—sadly, more than 300 people die every day from overdoses related to fentanyl. It’s my mission to stop the illegal flow of illicit drugs in order to protect Alabama communities from their deadly impact. 

  • spoke about the dangers of President Biden’s border crisis, including fentanyl, and urged the Biden administration to secure our country. 
  • I also spoke specifically about the deadly drugs transiting our border due to President Biden’s open border policies and called for the Biden administration to enforce our immigration laws to protect American lives from this dangerous drug.
  • In an effort to solve the fentanyl crisis affecting all Americans, I called on President Biden, Vice President Harris, and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to present a plan and start performing the job they signed up to do.
  • I hosted a group of experts from Alabama for a virtual roundtable as a means to warn every Alabamian about the dangers of fentanyl. Following the roundtable, I delivered a Public Service Announcement warning the state of the growing threat fentanyl poses to Alabama.
  • During consideration of a bill to address the opioid crisis, I introduced an amendment to secure the border and stop the deadly flow of fentanyl, which was opposed by HELP Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Empowering Law Enforcement

It isn’t just border states that have been affected by President Biden’s failure to enforce our laws—law enforcement officers in every community across America are dealing with the effects of the open borders. I am committed to supporting our local, state, and federal officers who are dealing with this crisis, as well as countless others every day.

  • introduced the Empowering Law Enforcement Act to help combat the Biden administration’s nullification of U.S. immigration laws. This bill would grant state and local law enforcement inherent immigration enforcement authority to investigate, identify, apprehend, arrest, detain, or transfer an illegal immigrant into federal custody. Additionally, it would provide the DHS Secretary flexibility on how long a criminal alien may be detained, ensuring violent criminals are not released into communities.
  • spoke about the importance of supporting our law enforcement officers in the face of the ridiculous “Defund the Police” movement. 
  • hosted a roundtable discussion with Alabama and federal law enforcement officials to discuss how Congress can partner with state and local law enforcement to ensure they have the resources needed to do their jobs and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Building the Wall

Building a physical barrier along the southern border reduces the physical area where cartels and human traffickers can enter the country illegally. This allows Border Patrol agents to focus on the most vulnerable parts of the border and apprehend those who break the law.

  • On his first day in office, I warned President Biden about the disastrous effects of his decision to stop construction of the wall along the southwest border.
  • joined my colleagues in asking the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office to look into whether the Biden administration violated federal law by stopping funding for the border wall after Congress specifically appropriated money for materials and construction. 
  • joined my colleagues in calling for a halt in the sale of border wall construction materials after reports surfaced that the Department of Defense was moving quickly to dispose of the parts, which were intended to be used to secure the southwest border. This is illegal.
  • joined a letter demanding President Biden expand construction of the southern border wall after Secretary Mayorkas announced DHS would only resume construction for 20 more miles of the wall.

Honoring the Lives Lost

As a direct result of Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce our immigration laws and shut down the border, too many innocent Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants. 

  • sponsored the Laken Riley Act, which would require U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to arrest illegal aliens who commit theft, burglary, larceny, or shoplifting offenses and would mandate that these aliens are detained until they are removed from the U.S. so they cannot commit additional crimes. This legislation directly addresses the policy failures that allowed Laken Riley’s murderer to stay in the country.
  • In a series of floor speeches, I honored countless victims of Biden’s border crisis. I repeatedly highlighted the devastating crime taking place across the country as a result of the open border and demanded that these policies be changed.
  • I penned an op-ed calling upon President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas to secure the border before more innocent Americans are murdered.

Holding the Biden Administration Accountable

Secretary Mayorkas has intentionally failed to secure the border. After the House of Representatives voted to impeach Secretary Mayorkas, I repeatedly called for a ‘full and fair trial’ on the Senate floor. Unfortunately, Democrats blocked the trial from even starting. 

  • I sent a letter to Senate leadership demanding that the Senate immediately take up the House of Representatives’ impeachment articles. 
  • In a series of floor speeches, I called upon the Senate to provide transparency for the American people by holding an impeachment trial for Secretary Mayorkas. 
  • I penned an op-ed stressing the need to hold Mayorkas accountable in a Senate trial.