Tuberville In the News: 1819 News: U.S. Sen. Tuberville: ‘We’re walking a fine line’ sending tanks to Ukraine

The United States is “walking a fine line” in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, according to U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville(R-Auburn), who is concerned about the billions of dollars and equipment being sent overseas.

According to reports, the Biden administration announced its plans on Wednesday to equip Ukraine with 31 M1A1 Abrams tanks to use in the conflict. 

Tuberville told reporters on a press call Wednesday morning he’s concerned about the oversight of taxpayer funds being sent to Ukraine.

“This is escalating our involvement,” Tuberville said. “We’re over $100 billion now. The oversight of these billions and billions of dollars that are going into Ukraine… it’s hard to keep up. The oversight is just unbelievable. We’re not just sending tanks and missiles and weapons and ammunition. We’re also holding up the government of Ukraine. We’re paying salaries. We’re buying food. We’re doing things that are not fighting the war. It’s just keeping the Ukrainians to having a day-to-day life. I’ve been concerned, very concerned about the past about continued sending of more weapons because of the oversight.”

Tuberville said on the call, “We surely don’t want to escalate this war to where we have to get involved personally as our military.”

“We’re walking a fine line here,” Tuberville warned. “We all understand that there’s going to be a new offensive in the springtime from Russia. They’re coming. They’re going to come hard. That’s the reason we’re sending tanks. That’s the reason that, hopefully, Germany is sending tanks because they’re responsible too. It’s just a fine line. The President has got to make this decision. That’s the reason he was elected along with the Secretary of Defense. I’m on the Armed Services Committee. I hear all this every day. I want the American people to have an account of their taxpayer money and where it’s going, and what it’s used for. Obviously, we know what the tanks are going to be used for. All the rest of the money…understanding that President Zelensky of Ukraine is having to fire people because the money is being misplaced. Is that American money? If it is, somebody needs to be held accountable.”