Tuberville In the News: ABC 33/40: Sen. Tuberville changes tone on Biden impeachment after claiming to see strong evidence

Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville posted a statement to social media Wednesday afternoon, claiming to have seen strong evidence to support impeaching President Joe Biden. The post came just hours after Tuberville’s press call where he said evidence would have be “ironclad” if Congress would ever attempt to prosecute a president or former president.

Tuberville admitted he did not like impeachments and he does not believe this impeachment will ever make it to the Senate floor.

“I really don’t like impeachments,” Tuberville said. “I hate to see the country dragged through this but unfortunately, in this case, it might be necessary. The American people deserve the truth and that’s what we need to look at. We need to look at all the evidence, bring it forth, I don’t think it’ll ever make the light of day in the Senate but if the House thinks they have enough information and truth to show the American people, it needs to be brought out.”

After that press call, Tuberville said he met with Congressman Jim Jordan (W.V.) and Congressman James Comer (Ky.) to discuss their case for an impeachment inquiry.

“I am absolutely shocked by the scale of the allegations and the strength of the evidence,” Tuberville said in the video posted to X, formerly known as Twitter. “We ought to be ashamed.”

“I commend Speaker (Kevin) McCarthy for moving forward with an impeachment inquiry,” Tuberville went on to say. “You know, I don’t like impeachments – it holds back our country. But in this case, it needs to happen. The American people deserve the truth.”

During Wednesday morning’s press call, Tuberville also spoke on a potential government shutdown, the decision to keep Space Force in Colorado, his recent farm tour around Alabama, and more. You can watch the full interview below.