Tuberville In the News: AL TODAY: Tommy Tuberville calls for spiritual change in America

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville addressed community leaders in Pell City on Wednesday morning. Tuberville expressed deep concerns about the direction of American culture and urged fundamental change both in how this country is governed as well as in American life.

“I was a teacher – I taught high school,” Sen. Tuberville told the 100-plus St. Clair County community leaders. “60% of our kids today have one or no parents. People ask what the problem in this country, and that is what it is. We do not have leadership in our families. We cannot sustain that, and it is getting worse.”

“The people on the other side don’t see that. They can’t even define gender,” Tuberville added. “We have thrown a lot of money into it. It is not the money. Money does not solve problems, people solve problems.”

Tuberville said that when he coached football, he would bring all the players in and go over their health issues and the medication that the young football players were taking.

“We used to have a few that were diabetic, and they were taking insulin,” Tuberville said. “The last ten years, it was, ‘I am on Adderall,’ ‘I am on Ritalin,’ ‘I have a hard time staying focused.’ That is the direction we are going to go. Growing up, if I had an attention problem or a focus problem, my daddy beat my butt, and then I focused. We have got a huge amount of fentanyl and opium out there, but there is also the drugs that they are taking.”

“We have got to bring God back into this country,” Tuberville said to the group. “We have to cut taxes. The Trump tax cuts brought more money for the government because it grew the economy. We have to cut regulations.”

Tuberville expressed more concerns about education.

“There are some very good schools in this country, but we have some really bad ones too,” Tuberville said. “It is a shame that we have let it drop like this. In the inner city, they graduate, but they can’t read their diploma.”

The national debt was another concern Tuberville discussed while in Pell City.

“We are the longest-lasting democratic republic in history,” Tuberville commented. “Democracies fail, not because of people from the outside, but because they crumble from within. We are not going to have a future if we don’t change things. We are $31 trillion in debt.”

“We have a $4 trillion budget, and above that, we have spent $4.5 trillion,” Tuberville said. “Inflation is here, and it is here to stay.”

“This country doesn’t owe you anything,” Tuberville said. “Nothing is easy in life we need to stop writing checks. We need to get back to work.”

“I am up there to help the people in this state and to help the people of this country,” Tuberville said.