Tuberville In the News: BREITBART: Tuberville: Biden’s Proposed Title IX changes going to Bring Women’s Sports ‘To It’s Knees’

Thursday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) weighed in on President Joe Biden’s proposed changes to Title IX.

Tuberville, a former college football, touted Title IX’s efforts to level the playing field for women and argued that Biden’s proposal would bring women’s sports “to its knees.

“[Title IX] made it a level playing field for everybody, and it has been a huge success,” Tuberville outlined. “I coached women’s basketball back when I first started in high school coaching, and I saw the emergence of it right off the bat. But now, Joe Biden is getting ready to make proposals that’s going to bring it to its knees.”

“In the last few years, transgender boys have won 22 championships against girls,” he added. “That’s wrong. It’s wrong. We’ve got to get away from that. We’ve got to fight back on it. We’ve got some Democrats that are hiding from this issue because this is an election year. We’ve got to stop it.”

As for Title IX, Tuberville predicted Democrats were “going to screw this up.”

“They’re going to screw this up. Yeah, you watch this. They’ve screwed everything else up. They might as well screw this up, but we’re going to fight it.”