Tuberville In the News: CBS 42: Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville discusses holdout on military promotions over abortion policy

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville joined CBS 42 Tuesday to discuss the hold on military promotions in the Senate, a fight over taxpayer funding for travel and extra pay-time for military members to get abortions.

During the interview, CBS 42 anchor Ben Hoover asked Tuberville if he would be willing to allow the Pentagon’s abortion policy to remain in place if he received a commitment from the Biden administration and U.S. Air Force that they would make Huntsville, Alabama the permanent home of Space Command.

“I wouldn’t make a deal, I don’t think that’s right to make a deal like that. I think we’re hopefully going to get Space Command anyway… I wouldn’t even negotiate something like that, these are two different animals so to speak, two different things we’re talking about. And it’s really not about abortions; it’s about taxpayers funding,” Tuberville said. “Right now, we already have an abortion policy in the military, it’s worked fine, there’s been no complaints.

“But they change it overnight in terms of a few months and they did it on their own. As I told Secretary (Lloyd) Austin, we were elected to Congress, we make laws and policies, you don’t. So that’s what irritates me is this administration wants to change things on their own instead of going through the Constitution, and the proper angles and if they did that, it would be fine. And if they made a vote out of this, they would probably win, so bring it to Congress, let’s vote on it , but don’t do it on your own.”