Tuberville In the News: ST. CLAIR NEWS-AGEIS:Tommy Tuberville presented with key to Pell City

Pell City Mayor Bill Pruitt presented United States Senator Tommy Tuberville with a key to the city on Wednesday.

Pruitt thanked Tuberville for coming to speak and assured him that God put him in the White House.

“Aside from our faith in God and our knowledge that he’s got this whole thing under control. Second is our knowledge that he put individuals like you up in Washington, to fight for our values and fight for what’s right,” said Pruitt.

The key was presented after Tuberville spoke at a breakfast gathering hosted by Annette Cox. He spoke about traveling the world and speaking to various representatives

“I’m glad I’m up there and working hard for you. I don’t care whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Independent, basically no different. We’re all in this together,” said Tuberville.

During his speech he talked about his job as a United States senator and values he believes America is currently lacking.

“This is not a hard job. It is a job that you just got to be consistent. You got to lean on your people that work for you. You got to build relationships. That’s what I did all my life. You got to be able to communicate, well, you got to be able to show yourself,” said Tuberville.

He said one of the most important things he’s concerned with is getting God, family and strong education back into America.

“I understand how important education is, I understand how important teachers are and administrators are to our young people all across this country,” said Tuberville.

“We do not have leadership at home and in most of our families across the country. We can’t sustain that, and it’s getting worse,” said Tuberville.

He said most people will not have values unless they are learned at home.

“If they’re going to get any kind of upbringing, any moral values that’s really going to stick with them, it’s got to come from home,” said Tuberville.