Tuberville In the News: ‘Thank you for your sacrifice’: Sen. Tommy Tuberville honors Ala. Veterans on Senate floor

WASHINGTON (WBRC) – U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) honored America’s men and women in uniform during remarks on the Senate floor Monday. Veterans Day is November 11.

Senator Tuberville also recognized five veterans from Alabama for their military service: Corporal Edsel Bonds of Samson, Sergeant George Mills of Decatur, Lieutenant Colonel Fred Lacy of Auburn, Corporal Clyde Haynes of Vestavia Hills, and Sergeant Ryan Charrier of Orange Beach.

Here are Sen. Tuberville’s full remarks: 

“In battles before World War One and in battles since, our service members and veterans have served to protect the American way of life.”

We all wake up each morning and enjoy the freedoms this great country affords us – because of our veterans.  Because it was our veterans – our men and women in uniform – who were there when their country needed them most. While their roles span multiple theaters and decades, our veterans were, and continue to be, united by a common mission – to protect and to defend the United States of America. This is a great responsibility they shouldered, and they deserve gratitude equal to their great sacrifice.”

“Alabama is home to nearly 400,000 veterans, and today, it is my honor to recognize a few of them for their service. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many veterans from my great state, and I am always inspired by their service, and their sacrifice. Their patriotism is unmatched, and their courage is unwavering.”

“Like that of Corporal Edsel Bonds from Samson, Alabama, who experienced a shell blast to his right femur on January 28, 1966, while on a mission to intercept guerillas during the Vietnam War… Corporal Bonds risked his life and limb because he believed that America is worth sacrificing for.”

“One-hundred-year-old Sergeant George Mills of Decatur, Alabama showed great bravery during his time serving in World War II. During this initial attack, Sergeant Mills – despite being injured – sprang to action to help save the lives of those in his company.  He was awarded a Purple Heart for his bravery.”

“Another American hero is Fred Lacy, of Auburn, Alabama. A Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army, Mr. Lacy provided valuable leadership and negotiation skills during his time in Europe, Korea, and Vietnam…When reflecting on his service, he says that it was, ‘a privilege to serve.’ And that spirit of service is something he carries with him even after his time in the military.”

“Corporal Clyde Haynes from Vestavia Hills, Alabamia, who served in the Army Air Forces’ 439th Troop Carrier Group during World War II. Mr. Haynes shared the joy of walking with children in France as they rushed out of their houses and filled the streets to celebrate their new liberation from Nazi rule.”

“But freedom does not come without cost. There are many service members who pay the ultimate price for our freedom—never to return home. There are the families left behind who sit down to dinner every night with an empty seat at the table, knowing that life for them will never be the same. They too, have shouldered the cost of America’s liberty, and deserve our gratitude.”

“Most of us will never know the full weight of preserving our freedom – never have to endure sleepless nights from the harrowing memories of the battlefield, bear pain from war injuries, or miss important events with our family and friends.”

“Like [Ryan] Charrier, from Orange Beach, Alabama, who served as a United States Air Force Technical Sergeant in the War in Afghanistan with the 442nd Fighter Wing. He received his first deployment when his children were just eight and four years old.”

“May we join together as a nation this Veterans Day to honor our veterans who have served this nation and defended our freedom and values we hold so dear. To our veterans, I say ‘thank you’ for your sacrifice. Our nation will be forever indebted to you.”