Tuberville In the News: The CDC Director Doesn’t Require Senate Confirmation. A New Bill Could Change That.

As the Biden administration continues to use the Centers for Disease Control as an outlet for their political agenda, two Republican Senators have introduced legislation that would require the director of the vast federal government agency to receive Senate confirmation. 

Given how much power the CDC has on the lives of Americans, the Senators believe the Restoring Trust in Public Health Act is necessary. 

“The CDC has exerted astonishing power over the everyday lives of millions of Americans without any say from Congress. This bill will ensure that, through the confirmation process, future directors are qualified, honest, and reasonable. Few agencies need such tempered, rational leadership as much as the CDC,” Senator Lee said about the bill. 

Since the start of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic in January 2020, the CDC has been in charge of issuing guidance to shut down businesses, churches, restaurants and more. The agency, now led by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, has also issued two outrageous attacks on private property through eviction moratoriums. 

“The CDC Director is arguably the most powerful position at HHS that is not subject to Senate confirmation. In the past year and a half during a global pandemic, CDC-issued guidance has impacted every American – without input from Congress,” ,” Senator Tuberville released in a statement. “If an individual is going to have such vast and seemingly unchecked power, the CDC Director should be a Senate-confirmed role to ensure the American people get a say in the process and that the individual selected has the temperament and qualifications necessary.”

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