Tuberville In the News: Trussville Tribune: Opinion: Tuberville stands up to Pentagon’s efforts to expand abortions in military

When Senator Tommy Tuberville was first elected, there were questions about how a former football coach and neophyte to politics would make it in Washington, DC.

However, he has shown in his first two years that he is up for the job and willing to tackle difficult issues. He first took on the Biden Administration during the pandemic when there were efforts to deprive Alabama and other Southern states of treatments for COVID.

He is now taking on Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin with his efforts to increase the number of abortions paid for by the Pentagon.

Austin has ordered the Department of Defense to review the expansion of abortions, which now number less than 20 but could end up being as high as 4,100 a year.

Senator Tuberville has notified Austin, born in Alabama and went to Auburn University, that the move not only exceeds the Secretary’s authority but is illegal.

If Austin moves forward with the plan Tubeville has promised, there will be consequences for the Pentagon. Specifically, he will block promotions made by Austin. This is not the first time Austin has put politics above the needs of the Nation’s Defense. Recruiting numbers are down, and Austin’s left-wing idealogy is one of the reasons. In addition, his push for woke policies and vaccine mandates has weakened the military and the ability of the United States to defend against foreign threats. 

It has been quite a contrast for these two men with their ties to the state. And no doubt Tuberville is being praised for fighting back against Austin’s politicization of the military. It has been a tall order, but the Alabama Senator has earned the respect of citizens who demand the United States have the strongest armed services in the world. Austin’s efforts to prioritize abortions show he puts the liberal agenda of the current White House above the national defense.

Senator Tuberville has made it clear he will challenge this Administration and represent the values of his constituents back home in Alabama.