Tuberville In the News: Tuberville makes pledge to servicemembers, slams president in Senate floor speech — ‘Biden administration defeated our troops’

U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), in a Monday speech on the Senate floor, vowed to American servicemembers that the Biden administration will be held accountable for the events that transpired amid the end of the war in Afghanistan.

The senator noted the sacrifices of U.S. armed forces in the two-decades-long war which ended with Islamist militants seizing control of the country formerly occupied by the United States.

“[O]n the 20th anniversary of 9/11, what should be a resounding victory and success of American values and resolve, is instead – a defeat,” said Tuberville. “And it is an especially bitter defeat to Americans all across this country. It’s bitter because Americans surrendered 20 years of blood, sweat, and tears to the enemy. The Taliban now control more of Afghanistan than they did in 2001. And they are better armed with American guns, vehicles, and aircraft.”

He added, “President Biden has handed them the greatest victory in their pitiful, pitiful history. A victory greater than they could have ever dreamed.”

Alabama’s freshman senator spoke of recent efforts by his GOP colleagues in pressing for administration and senior military officials to testify before the Senate and give an account of the exit strategy.

“Early last week, ten of my colleagues on the Senate Armed Services Committee joined me in calling for hearings on the Biden Administration’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan,” he said. “As members of the committee that oversees our nation’s armed forces, we bear a particular responsibility to seek, I mean seek, true and correct answers.”

Tuberville acknowledged the need to provide answers to those who served and the thousands of families who lost loved ones in the longest war in American history.

Tuberville continued, “We owe it to our nation, those who served, their families, and our allies to preserve the records of how our time in Afghanistan ended – for the very people we, as members of the Armed Services Committee, represent here in Congress. This the biggest issue facing our military since Vietnam. Those who have given so much to this cause are demoralized and disheartened.”

The senator lambasted President Joe Biden for his administration’s failure to successfully evacuate all Americans from the war-torn country. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, during a congressional hearing on Monday, estimated that around 100 American citizens remain in Afghanistan who wish to return to the homeland.

“Never in American history have we seen a commander-in-chief leave Americans behind enemy lines,” he noted. “It is unheard of. Unheard of in the history of this country. I cannot think of a single fighting man or woman who would leave an American behind. It does not make sense. That is why they fight. That is why our military fights – we do not leave people behind. But they were ordered to leave by our commander-in-chief.”

Tuberville vowed to all those who served in the war that the Biden administration will answer for the decisions that were made leading up to the withdrawal.

“To those soldiers, sailors, Marines, airman, and guardsmen who served in Afghanistan, I promise you this: we will get answers from this administration,” pledged Tuberville. “If you’re a member of the military or you’ve served our nation, and you have questions, I hope you’ll reach out to my office. I am ready to be your voice. I am ready to fight with you for your answers and accountability. I want to thank Chairman Reed and Ranking Member Inhofe for scheduling hearings so we that can do just that in the next few weeks.”

He concluded, “Al Qaeda didn’t defeat our military. The Taliban didn’t defeat our military. The complexities of rebuilding a country did not beat our military. This administration, in Washington, D.C., defeated our troops.

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