Tuberville In the News: Tuberville on Defense Spending: ‘We Can’t Afford’ to Get into Another Conflict

Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) warned that the United States “can’t afford” to get into another conflict as China increases defense spending.

Tuberville advised that with Democrats funding things for climate change and ignoring the military, there is not enough money to adequately fund the military.

“Joe Biden’s budget was $25 to $30 to $40 billion less than we all wanted, and that is not just Republicans, Maria, that is Democrats also on the Armed Services Committee,” Tuberville outlined. “We bumped it up $25 billion dollars, and we are still behind the spending of what China has. But it shows you the importance to Chuck Schumer where our military is at. We finished this thing in July. It should have been done a couple of months ago; even the Democrats on his side couldn’t get him to bring it to the floor, but we have a problem. We have huge problems. China, Russia, Iran, and today I just saw on your show where China and Russia had a summit, Putin, Xi Jinping. You know, they weren’t trading Christmas presents. They were talking about what is the best avenue for us to overcome the capitalist country of the United States of America? And so, we’ve got to put our best foot forward here. We have got to get into hypersonic. We have got to get into high lasers because that’s the thing that’s going to function in our country to defend our country to defend our military, and we’ve got to be better because China is way ahead of us in a lot of different things, and we’ve got to show them that we’re in the fight and we’re going to fight along with them.”

“We don’t have the money,” he continued. “We have overspent. We continue to overspend. They just jumped the debt limit up to $2.5 trillion. I promise you not going to military. They do not like the military.”

Tuberville later added, “We do not want into another conflict. We can’t afford it. We don’t want it. The American people don’t want it, but we have to show strength now and not wait later.”