Tuberville In the News: Tuberville on Ukraine tensions: Russia must pay ‘a heavy price for Putin’s aggression’

Tensions rose in Ukraine on Tuesday as Russian forces entered Ukrainian territory, which U.S. officials say could lead to a more wide-scale invasion of the Eastern European country.

Following the escalation, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, issued a statement calling on President Joe Biden to ramp up sanctions on Russia.

“As we’ve seen from Putin’s aggression, strongly-worded statements don’t stop wars,” stated Tuberville. “Rather than discuss a diplomatic resolution, Putin chose to invade Ukraine and test world order. His actions must be met with a tough and targeted response.”

Alabama’s junior senator asserted that European nations should increase investment in providing for the security of the Western continent. Tuberville also called Biden’s reaction to the situation “a weak response.”

“For 80 years, Americans have sacrificed to bring security and peace to the European continent. The events of the past 24 hours underscore that it is time for Europe to contribute more to its own security,” continued the senator. “The United States should support Ukraine and provide assistance to Ukraine’s military through weapons and funding for emergency equipment while leveling tough and targeted sanctions to halt Russian escalations and cripple Russia’s economy. The incremental sanctions issued by President Biden today are a weak response – the time to have imposed harsh sanctions was yesterday.” No American blood should be shed in global conflict where there is no interest to the United States, according to Tuberville.

“Allies and adversaries across the globe are watching and they must be left with no doubt about our strength and resolve,” he added. “Strength abroad starts with strength at home through investments in our military readiness and 21st century capabilities. We must be ready for future conflicts and refrain from having American bloodshed in fights without American interests.

Tuberville concluded, “I call on my colleagues in the U.S. Senate and our allies to ensure Russia pays a heavy price for Putin’s aggression.”