Tuberville In the News: Tuberville pushes Alabama defense priorities as NDAA inches forward in D.C.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The National Defense Authorization Act, which is the annual defense budget, recently left the Senate Armed Services Committee. Senator Tommy Tuberville secured several amendments that benefit military bases across Alabama as well as defense contractors. 

“After what we did, you mesh it with the House. They have their own wish-list. You put it together and say this is what we are going to do and then it goes to real-life so to speak,” said Senator Tuberville. 

Many would say it’s not that easy. There are several steps ahead for the NDAA. The US House Armed Services Committee is the next stop.

President Joe Biden’s administration initially set a top-line budget of 715 billion dollars for the U.S. military in May. Senator Tuberville and the Senate Armed Services Committee increased the budget by 25 billion. Still, Tuberville feels confident in his committee’s amendments.

“This is bipartisan. Everybody wants a strong military. So it was good to get into a meeting for once where pretty much everyone is on the same page. Let’s do what’s best for our military,” said Senator Tuberville, Friday. 

Tuberville was able to pass amendments paying for infrastructure improvements to military bases across Alabama. Huntsville’s Missile Defense Agency is also listed for priority funding in the NDAA. And while Space Command is not yet in Huntsville, Tuberville’s amendments would accelerate investments in Space Command satellite systems to better address cyber vulnerabilities.

Tuberville also got incentives in the bill that encourages defense contractors to offer employee ownership option to their workforce. Tuberville says he got this wish-list by visiting bases and defense contractors.

“You want to know what they need. You don’t want to be guessing at it. You want to hear their top priorities,” Said Senator Tuberville.

Here is a full link to the amendments.

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