Tuberville In the News: Tuberville: ‘We need to drill drill drill — not tax tax tax’


Earlier this week, the Biden administration released its proposed budget for fiscal year 2023. Included in the budget is a $5.8 trillion price tag and $2.5 trillion in new taxes.

Tuesday on “Fox Business Tonight,” U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) said President Joe Biden was taking the wrong approach when it comes to the economy.

“We need to drill drill drill — not tax tax tax,” Tuberville said. “Thirty-six different taxes and even more.”

The senator said now was the time the government should act more responsible when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars.

“Now is the time to be frugal,” he added. “Now is the time to help the American people. Now is the time to try and lower taxes, try to get more jobs, try to get inflation down.”

When it comes to the new taxes, Tuberville augured that he’s “never seen anything like this” before Biden.

“We want to tax people before they even make money,” he continued, “run manufacturing out of the country, lose jobs, this is totally against the workers of this country. Plus they want to say ‘ok we’re going to write a blank check, send it to the taxpayers, you sign it, and then we’ll spend whatever we need to. That’s not how this works.”

Tuberville also reiterated the importance of America producing more of its own energy at home.

“We have to be energy independent,” he argued. “I know everybody’s saying that, but until we do that; until the Democrats decide and understand that we have to be energy independent, inflation’s going to keep rising.”

He said he’d seen firsthand how high gas prices are affecting people’s lives.

“My phone has rang off the wall,” he explained, “with people calling out office saying ‘you have to do something about these prices’ and unfortunately the Democrats try to do everything to run the price up.”