Tuberville In the News: U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville discusses border crisis and budget

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – Alabama U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville is in our nation’s capital speaking out against President Biden, and several hot topics impacting many of you in the Tennessee Valley.

Some of the big takeaways from Senator Tuberville’s comments impact your tax dollars.

He says government spending and the debt limit are getting out of hand.

“President Biden’s agenda has burdened the American taxpayers with 6 trillion dollars in spending proposals after his first 100 days in office,” said Tuberville.ADVERTISEMENT

Lawmakers on both sides have been debating spending limits, and there have been threats of a potential government shutdown.

Tuberville says he knows who’s to blame.

“Up to this point, Democrats have proudly pushed through their partisan agenda, without any help from Republicans,” said Tuberville.

Money isn’t the only topic that has Tuberville fired up.ADVERTISEMENT

He says the crisis at the border needs to be improved.

“According to released internal documents, there were 33 allegations of sexual assaults in January of this year, in just one month. Where is our border czar Vice President Harris to respond to those horrific circumstances,” asks Tuberville.

He didn’t finger point and call out Democrats for everything.

Tuberville announced a bill he’s introducing to help farmers and ranchers here in Alabama and across the country.

“I will continue to work with my colleagues on the Senate Agriculture Committee to safeguard our supply chains, and agriculture industry from undue foreign influence. Food security is national security. That is one thing we all learned fighting the pandemic this past year,” said Tuberville.

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