Tuberville In the News: WAAY: Tuberville continues to push for Space Command’s move to Huntsville

Alabama leaders are becoming more vocal in pushing the federal government to bring U.S. Space Command headquarters to Huntsville.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville is helping to lead that charge in Washington. He said he is over the political games and that this is a matter of national security and keeping our nation safe. Last week the Air Force announced it will conduct additional analysis on Huntsville and Redstone Arsenal’s qualifications as the hopeful new home of Space Command. This is despite the multiple independent reviews showing that Huntsville is the top location in the nation.

Tuberville believes this additional review is happening because of a few reasons.

“Unfortunately, partisan politics and sore loser syndrome has got in the way and slowed down the official relocations of Space Com,” Tuberville said.

The fight for Space Command to relocate has been going on since 2019. Space Command is currently in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Tuberville squared off with Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democratic senator from Colorado, on the Senate floor last week. Bennet claimed that Tuberville is putting a hold on Department of Defense promotions because of the debate over Space Command. Tuberville clarified that his reasoning for holding promotions is actually because of the DOD’s abortion policy.

Tuberville said it is simply a fact that Redstone Arsenal exceeds requirements for a suitable home for Space Command.

“Redstone arsenal is far and away the best place for Space Com,” Tuberville said. “This is not my opinion; this is a fact. It’s time to cut the politics and bring U.S. Space Command to Huntsville, so we can get to work and protect our nation.”

Tuberville said Colorado Springs did not even rank in the top three of suitable locations.

There is still not a clear idea on when the final decision will be made; Tuberville said it could be tomorrow, next week or six months from now.