Tuberville In the News: Yellowhammer: Tuberville blames Biden’s ‘weakness’ for China’s spy base in Cuba

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville believes recent provocations from China’s government on the world stage are a direct result of President Joe Biden’s foreign policy decisions.

Monday, Tuberville (R-Auburn) reacted to recent reports that detailed China paying billions of dollars for a secret spy base in Cuba during an appearance on Fox Business “Kudlow” television show.

“Well it’s typical because President Biden has shown, since he’s been there for two and a half years, weakness in everything he’s done,” Tuberville said. “He let a balloon go all the way across our country without doing anything about it.”

The senator said China will continue to take advantage of Biden’s soft approach.

“It makes sense for China now to say ‘hey, we can do pretty much anything we want.’ So moving a spy office or whatever they call it in Cuba probably makes sense to them at this time,” he said. “President Trump would have never put up with it, and it’s going to cause us some problems, obviously. They’ll be closer and be able to do pretty much anything they want.”

He also pointed out how this is only a small part of China’s overall spy operation.

“You’ve got to remember too … they’ve got satellites in space right now that pretty much do the same thing,” he said. “But it just shows that they’re not concerned about Joe Biden or the Department of Justice or our military. They pretty much do what they want.”

Tuberville is not the only member of Alabama’s congressional delegation who has called out the Biden administration’s handling of the national security threat posed by China.

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks), who chairs the House Armed Services Committee, said Biden shouldn’t overlook the recent actions by the China.

“China has flown surveillance over the United States,” Rogers said in a statement, “they have sent spies to U.S. bases, they are shipping deadly fentanyl components to cartels in Mexico who bring it across the border into American communities, they’re building a port in the Bahamas, and are now building a base in Cuba – just miles from U.S. military assets in Key West.”

Rogers also warned that China is now “at our doorstep.”

“The Biden administration must take note that China’s military operations are not limited to the Indo-Pacific. China’s military is at our doorstep, in North America and throughout South America, and we cannot afford to ignore or overlook the threat,” he said. “We must use every tool available to counter and deter China’s aggression.”