Tuberville In the News: Yellowhammer: Tuberville: Need ‘15,000’ troops – not 1,500 at border

The Biden administration recently revealed that they are making preparations to send 1,500 troops to the southern border. This, the White House said, will be in an effort to deter illegal immigration.

Since 2020, millions of illegal immigrants have surged into the United States unchecked. Some in Washington feel President Biden doesn’t understand the significance of the situation at the border and the additional 1,500 troops are not nearly enough to handle the task.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville is one of them.

“We’ve got a lot of things that are going wrong in our country right now. Crime, inflation, education. It’s detrimental,” said Tuberville (R-Auburn). “Then, of course, everything foreign policy wise that has been screwed up by the Biden administration. But the one thing that’s really going to bring this country under is what’s going on at the border.”

“We’ve probably had 7 million to 10 million people cross that border in the last two years. We really don’t know how many.”

“They’re bringing a lot of things with them in terms of drugs and crime. It’s just a shame that this administration has not had somebody down there that’s doing the right thing. Just put back President Trump’s policies that were working tremendously.”

According, to Tuberville, a large influx of illegal aliens is imminent.

“The Biden administration they are globalists. They don’t want borders,” he said. “Now we have Title 42, in probably about a week that is getting ready to change. That means that you’re probably going to have a double amount of people coming across the border that are waiting to come across.”

“It’s damaging to our country, it’s damaging to our constitution, it’s damaging to the tax payers and citizens of this country. It’s dangerous. A lot of people have died over the last two years because of Joe Biden’s policies and it’s going to continue to do that.”

Tuberville believes that the troops that are being sent are a small fraction of what is necessary.

“So he’s sending 1,500,” he said. “Probably need to send 15,000 down there to block people from coming across the border. We better get control of it because if we don’t we’re going to lose our country as we know it.”