ICYMI: Tuberville Hosts Roundtable about Saving Women’s Sports

WASHINGTON – This week, U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) hosted a roundtable with former NCAA athletes, parents, and coaches to discuss the importance of protecting women’s sports. Former host of SportsCenter, Sage Steele, moderated the discussion and Senators Katie Britt (R-AL), Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS), and Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) also joined.

Watch the full roundtable here.

“This isn’t a Democrat or Republican problem – it’s an American problem,” Coach Tuberville said during the roundtable. “I’ve asked the 10 to 12 ladies on the Democratic side that have voted against me consistently about this – I’ve asked them: ‘Do you have daughters?’ Do you have granddaughters? Do you really believe this?’ We’re gonna have to plead to our [colleagues] on the left to make a common-sense decision to save women’s sports. If this doesn’t happen, if it continues to go the way it’s going, we will not have women’s sports.”

Coach Tuberville and Sage Steele Join Newsmax:

Following the event, Coach Tuberville and Sage Steele joined Eric Bolling on Newsmax to recap the conversation.

“I know the Democrats, at least Democrats that have daughters, that have granddaughters; they don’t believe this, but they’re following the party line. And this is not about politics,” said Coach Tuberville. “This is about right and wrong. This is about good versus evil.”

“I don’t understand why this has become a political issue,” Sage Steele added. “We’ve focused so much on science over the last couple of years – particularly since 2020 and the pandemic. And all of the sudden we’re forgetting the science and the facts when it comes to men and boys in girls’ and women’s sports. To me, it’s pretty clear – the evidence. Zero excuse for it to be allowed to this level – the level that it has been and is right now. And I don’t understand why our leadership is allowing it – especially considering that this is the leadership that claims to be the party for women.” 

Coach Tuberville and Sage Steele Join Fox News:

Coach Tuberville and Sage Steele also joined Harris Faulkner on Fox News to talk about the importance of continuing to fight to preserve Title IX.

“This is an attack on nuclear family, this is an attack on gender, this is an attack on women, and then it’s an attack on sports and Title IX,” Coach Tuberville said. “And we brought people together to try to bring up and highlight the topics of coaches and how they’re handling it, lawyers, how moms are actually handling the situation with their kids, and of course […] other athletes. It’s a huge topic. Where are the activists – the women activists that actually got Title IX implemented 52 years ago? They’re nowhere to be seen. There’s nobody talking about this, but we’re going to bring this to the forefront as you saw in this roundtable.”

“We had a Title IX attorney there on Capitol Hill with us and Coach and the other senators,” Sage Steele continued. “And she was saying actually when you combine all the sports, there’s been 500 men who have taken trophies away from women. And that’s just the one-on-one. This doesn’t include the domino effect every time.”

Coach Tuberville and Sage Steele Sit Down for 1-on-1 Interview:

Coach Tuberville and Sage Steele also sat down for a 1-on-1 interview to discuss the history of Title IX and Coach’s early career as a women’s basketball coach.

Watch the full interview here.

“Being a coach, I went into every state and high schools all across the country,” said Coach Tuberville. “One positive thing in my lifetime was [the growth of] women’s sports and Title IX. I started years ago coaching in high school, and Title IX had just started and the emergence of women’s sports. People don’t realize, a lot of young girls didn’t play sports. […] The opportunities weren’t there – so Title IX gave all of these young girls the opportunity to start at a young age. […] One of the most important things for women happened here 52 years ago when they passed Title IX.”

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Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.