ICYMI: Tuberville Joins Kudlow on Fox Business Network

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) joined “Kudlow” on Fox Business Network to discuss the current economic state under the Biden-Harris administration and the policies the Republican Party has put forward to get the economy back on track. Senator Tuberville also spoke about the need to pass the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act to ensure illegal immigrants do not vote in our elections.

Excerpts from Senator Tuberville’s remarks can be found below, and his full interview can be watched here.


KUDLOW: “Senator Tuberville, sir, wonderful to see you again. Let me just stay on this theme for one second. All of a sudden, Trump’s policies, which are very similar to the ones—his policies this time, very similar to the ones, his policies in the first term—there was no inflation in the first term. But all of these pundits, and left-wingers, and goodness knows what—they’re all saying it’s going to be inflationary in the second term. Same policies, more inflation, huh? I don’t understand this, Senator Tuberville. I need help. You need to explain it to me.”

TUBERVILLE: “Well, we’re in the worst inflation in four decades. 1.4 percent growth—pitiful growth—last quarter, Larry. This country’s in trouble. We keep telling everybody that. I was around the State of Alabama last week, and young kids cannot afford to buy a home. We’re losing our middle class. We’re printing 80,000 dollars a second, 4.6 million dollars a minute. It’s the only way we’re keeping this economy pumped up. And then as you said, the border is out of control. And we’re spending a billion dollars a month—the American taxpayers are, not the federal government. American taxpayers have funded over a billion dollars a month for all these people coming across the border.”

KUDLOW: “Well, I would say that Biden policies cause inflation. Wait a minute. That’s what the facts show. The factoids show that. I mean, I just don’t understand how people—Alright, Biden’s gonna be anti-inflationary, really? What happens to that argument? He spent tons of money, raised taxes, opened the border to millions and millions of immigrants—all these things that are supposed to be so wonderful. And, yes, the inflation rent went sky high. They’re blaming Trump for Biden policies, but Trump’s against Biden policies.”

TUBERVILLE: “Exactly. I had a good meeting this morning and a hearing with one of your old buddies, David Malpass, former World Bank president, and we talked about the two things that we have to do in this country to get our economy back. And you and he know a lot more about this than I do, but it’s about the energy, and it’s about everything to do with regulations. We have got to put the Trump deregulation [policies] back into our economy. Let people breathe. Give our farmers a chance. Give our small businesses a chance. Drill, baby, drill. He’s right on top of that, and by the way, he speaks very highly of you, Larry.” […]


KUDLOW: “Senator Tuberville, let me just ask you, our great Grady Trimble was reporting, was there a Democratic cover-up now about Joe Biden’s decline. Is it actually a real cover-up?”

TUBERVILLE: “Oh, yeah. It was a deep cover up. We all knew it here in the Senate and the House because we had people go to the White House. President Biden would just sit there when they would talk about a subject. He’d have his cronies come in and do all the talking, his Chief of Staff. We knew it was all hidden behind the scenes. They were hoping to keep it to where they could get by that first debate. It didn’t work. He crashed and burned. You know, he’s a sick man. Unfortunately, people do get sick when they get to that age, and you hate that. But at the end of the day, they’re having a tough time up here. At the caucus meeting today, I heard one of the Democrats was asked by one of the media people says, ‘It looked like a funeral coming out of this meeting,’ He says, ‘Don’t give a funeral a bad name. It’s worse than that.’ They’re struggling up here, Larry, right now, and they’re trying to get the ship back in order. But I’d tell you about forty-eight hours ago, I didn’t think that Joe Biden would make it. Now, I think that Jill and Joe have talked their way back into possibly making it through this tough time, but that’s okay. You know, Donald Trump’s a guy that’s gonna bring this country back because it’s not about the people. It’s about the policies. And we know who’s got the best policies to bring this country back—it’s Donald Trump.”

KUDLOW: “Yeah. And you have to figure the brouhaha over Mister Biden and the cover up and all the questions about his cognitive disabilities and so forth. That is, of course, his own performance at the debate, he has only himself to blame. I mean, that’s done great damage to the Democratic Party. The other thing, it’s so interesting is the Democratic convention in Chicago is not gonna really be a convention, is it? Most of it’s gonna be online. It’s gonna be [a] virtual convention, which is very weird. And I think people will take note of that weirdness.”

TUBERVILLE: “Oh, yeah. They might change their mind on that, Larry. They need to get together if they’re gonna have any chance to win. But it’s not just hurting Joe Biden, it’s hurting down ballot [races]. It’s hurting the senators. It’s hurting the congressmen. It’s hurting all the way down to the county and state and local elections. So, they’ve dug this hole for themselves. We’re just gonna let them go with it and see what happens, but it’s tough times with the people, the taxpayers of this country, Larry. They’re the ones that are hurting, and we’re up here playing games with people’s attitudes, with […] the way they handled themselves, it’s just absolutely amazing me to see all this happen right here before the election.”


KUDLOW: “Speaking of playing games on Capitol Hill, the Democrats and the House and Senate are absolutely obsessive over their opposition to the SAVE Act, where you would have to prove citizenship in order to vote. Now, in this day and age, with roughly ten million illegal immigrants crossing the border in recent years, I would think proof of citizenship would be a very commonsense policy. Democrats are absolutely obsessed with defeating this bill. Why is that, sir?”

TUBERVILLE: “Well, Mike Lee, Senator Lee, and I, we came out with this in the Senate, Chip Roy in the House, of the Save Act. And we saw that nineteen states—blue states—had already said, ‘Okay, we’re gonna give driver’s license to illegals.’ Now wait a minute. That’s gonna allow them to vote. […] If they go to Social Security and sign up for Social Security, they are asked to register to vote. It is out of control. […] Larry, I was at the Darién Gap in Panama this past week, talking to people at the border down there. It’s not ten million. It’s closer to twenty million people that have come across in our country. They are scared to death down there, and it’s not just Venezuelans coming across. It is also Africans that are ISIS. They’re coming over by the droves, and so we’ve got a huge problem of terrorists coming in this country, illegals voting, but that’s what the Democrats live off of. They have nothing else to play with other than getting the power back by these illegals voting.”

KUDLOW: “Well, Senator, just last point, when you mentioned foreign policy, you mentioned terrorism, world terrorism, very good article in The Wall Street Journal today. Trump is not the threat to NATO. NATO is meeting in Washington for the next few days. Trump is not the threat to NATO. It’s the China, Russian, Iran, access that’s the threat to NATO. And you don’t see Mr. Biden taking any actions against it. In fact, Biden said the other night, he was telling George Stefanopoulos in that TV interview. He’s saying, ‘Well, I shut down Putin.’ I don’t know what he’s shut down exactly. Biden said, ‘Don’t’ and Putin said, ‘I will do’ and went into Ukraine and is still there. What is up with this? Where does Biden think he’s uniting NATO and shutting down Putin?”

TUBERVILLE: “Well, first of all, congratulations to the American taxpayers for funding Europeans’ defense for the last seventy-five years. And that’s what President Trump said, ‘Pay your dues. Do what you need to do, but help out.’ […] The American taxpayer has been paying this for years, but you’re exactly right. Joe Biden has shown weakness on everything that he’s done from Israel to Yemen, all the way over to Ukraine, to Taiwan. There’s no leadership here, Larry. We have to get leadership here. We’re gonna get overrun by a lot of people, not just two or three. We have a lot of things going on. Africa is exploding. Because Russia now is going into Africa taking over our bases. Our bases in Africa because we’ve been run out, and Joe Biden said nothing about it. We’ve lost all kind of faith from some of our former allies all over the world.”

KUDLOW: “Wow. Wow. Alright. We’ll talk some more. Thank you, senator, Tommy Tuberville. We appreciate, sir, very, very much.”

TUBERVILLE: “Thank you.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.