Senator-elect Tuberville To Support Call for Election Commission

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville today joined Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) and nine other Republican Senators in calling for an election commission to investigate alleged election irregularities. 

“We’ve heard the concerns of millions of Americans – including voters from all corners of my home state of Alabama – about the way the presidential election was conducted. It’s especially concerning that some states allegedly failed to properly handle the election according to their own duly enacted state laws. Nothing is more important or more deserving of scrutiny than the integrity of the rules and processes under which our elections are conducted. 

“I am excited to support Senator Cruz’s call for an Electoral Commission with full investigative authority to determine the truth and the facts. The purpose is to protect the democratic process, and to ensure Americans have faith that the process is fair and secure in the long run. I will vote to reject electors from disputed states until that commission has an opportunity to conduct its review, which I believe can and should happen before Inauguration Day. All Members of Congress should be committed to ensuring elections are conducted consistent with the Constitution and federal and state laws.”