Tuberville Delivers Floor Speech Following all 51 Democrats Blocking Mayorkas Impeachment Trial

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) spoke on the floor following all 51 Democrats blocking the impeachment trial of U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas. Senator Tuberville expressed strong disapproval of the Senate’s failure to uphold its Constitutional duty to hold a full and fair trial.

Senator Tuberville’s remarks can be found below, and his full remarks can be found on YouTube and Rumble.

“I’m kind of amazed at what’s happened today. It’s been categorized several ways, whether it’s kangaroo court, a three-ring circus or organized grabass. I don’t know how you look at it to be honest with you. It is amazing what we’ve sat here and watched.

We all thought that last few weeks that there was a chance for an impeachment trial of Secretary Mayorkas, but it only lasted a few hours. [It was a] historic event in the eyes of every Senator, not just Republicans, but also Democrats. But one thing I want to say is, […] has he faithfully executed his duties of the United States Constitution? One that we all put our hand on the Bible and swore to do. But it was amazing to me how this all went down at the end of the day. And it really wasn’t Secretary Mayorkas – he wasn’t the only one on trial today – […] it would have been every Democrat.

Every Democrat here in the Senate every Democrat in the House and every Democrat that’s running our Executive branch. Because there’s not been one person that has said anything since, I’ve been here, in three and a half years, [that] we need to do something at the border. Not one We’ve let in 10 million illegal aliens in the last three years. And on that data point alone, Secretary Mayorkas intentionally failed to secure the border.


So instead, the impeachment process is over. The media will stop covering [it in] a few days. We’ll be going back to throwing millions of taxpayer dollars at blue states so they can manage the surge of illegal aliens going to the blue cities all over the country.


It’s clear that [this] administration [is] more concerned with taking care of these illegals than they are about protecting citizens. So, I will ask again, has Secretary Mayorkas fulfilled his oath of duty before this body to protect and defend the country against all threats foreign and domestic? Is our border secure?

The answer is simple. He has not and it is not. 


This is not a border crisis. It’s turned into a huge invasion. It’s a national security problem, and we’re having it more and more each day.

So, I just want to say this, we have not done our duty here today. We have failed the American people. My phone rings constantly about protecting the sanctity of not just Alabama, but everybody in this country from what’s happening at the southern border.

So, we failed [the] American people a day. Why? I don’t know. We don’t do our job. We had a Republican majority when I first got here three years ago.

This is all politics. We broke something today that has never been done in the history [of this country]. It’s never happened before. Now we’ve set a precedent and unfortunately, it will be a precedent probably that will be [used] many times.

How is this body ever going to be able to hold anybody accountable for anything that they’ve done wrong here in the federal government.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.