Tuberville: Democrats’ Elections Bill is a Federal Power Grab

‘This bill does not solve the problems currently facing our election system – it makes the problems worse.’

‘This awful bill is one party’s attempt to rewrite the rules of the game in the hope that they’ll get a permanent advantage.’

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) today spoke on the Senate floor about the Democrats’ partisan bill, S.1, which would completely rewrite states’ election laws and undermine voters’ confidence in the electoral process.  

here or the image above to view Senator Tuberville’s Floor Speech.

“Democrats call their flagship voting bill the ‘For the People Act.’ But a better, and more fitting title is the Nancy Pelosi Power Grab Act.”

“My Republican colleagues have done a good job highlighting the many flaws of this legislation, including: doing away with common-sense fraud protections like Voter ID; forcing mandatory same-day registration on every state; allowing paid political operatives to harvest voter ballots; and directing taxpayer dollars to the campaigns of progressive politicians. Sadly, there’s plenty more.”

“[T]his recent ‘compromise’ is anything but. A ‘compromise’ among Democrats should have been their starting offer to Republicans. Not their final offer. The most recent versions still run afoul of the Constitution – by trampling on First Amendment rights to free speech, and taking away redistricting from the states.”

“Americans want faith and trust in the integrity of their election processes. This bill does not provide solutions to strengthen these processes. And once Americans learn what’s in this bill, they will agree.”

“The Pelosi Power Grab yanks power from the states. The Pelosi Power Grab lets politicians stuff their pockets with taxpayer dollars. And guess what folks? A slightly different version of a federal takeover of elections is … still a federal takeover of elections. That’s exactly what this ‘new’ version of S.1 is.”

“[R]egardless of its form, this bill does not solve the problems currently facing our election system – it makes the problems worse.”

“Folks may be scratching their head at why one political party thinks they can completely change the rules of elections all by themselves. But if you’ve been paying attention to what the progressives have been up to recently, it won’t come as a big surprise. Changing our country as we know it is the end game. That’s why they want to pass this Pelosi Power Grab, so those who disagree with them have a harder time winning at the ballot box.”

“I bet if you asked folks back home if they want a bigger government and less state and local power, they’d say no way. I bet if you asked them if a federal power grab sounds like a good idea, they would say no. They would tell you that they want their freedoms protected. They would tell you they want the federal government out of the way.”

“[T]his ‘For the People Act’ is one party’s attempt to rewrite the rules of the game in hope that they’ll get a permanent advantage – plain and simple.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.