Tuberville Exposes Hypocrisy of Liberal Climate Policies Hurting American Families

As American families struggle to afford gas and utilities, hypocritical climate activists rely on alarmism to push failed energy policies

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville spoke Wednesday about the hypocrisy of Left-wing climate activists and the dangers of the energy shortage created by President Biden’s war on fossil fuels. Gas prices remain significantly higher than the day President Biden assumed office, contrary to false claims made by the President. And, as the country nears the coldest months of the year, Americans will have to pay 28 percent more, on average, to heat their homes with natural gas. The speech is the latest in months of calls from Senator Tuberville to unleash American energy production, underscoring our country’s reliance on fossil fuels for security and prosperity.

Senator Tuberville’s remarks come less than a week after the Biden administration announced it will allow Chevron to resume oil production in Venezuela, a country run by a brutal communist regime, in oil fields that are some of the worst for the environment in the world.

Excerpts from the Senator’s speech can be found below, and his full remarks can be viewed here.

“Freedom and free enterprise lift more people out of poverty than any other system or country in the history of the world. But our country cannot exist without a robust economy. It is impossible. And you can’t run an economy without fossil fuels. That’s also impossible…Years of attacks on reliable American energy sources — in the name of “green” policies — has taken us backward in our progress to produce affordable, accessible, clean energy.”

“Petroleum products are integral to a modern economy. We are nowhere near a world in which we can live without fossil fuels. We’re not even close. Anyone who says otherwise, or promotes ideas that we can significantly curb our use in the next decade, is not living in reality. We have to [have] them, and we have the supply right here at home. The Permian Basin, spanning Texas and New Mexico, is estimated to have 66 billion — now that’s with a ‘B’ — 66 billion barrels of oil waiting for use…We should be producing energy in America, with American workers.”

“President Biden, John Kerry, and Al Gore, and climate activists want pain and suffering for you, but not for them. It is absolutely hypocritical. And I’m hoping the American people see right through it. Time and time again, Americans are told to ignore the obvious consequences of President Biden’s policies and be thankful for the meaningless actions he has taken.”

“Americans should never have to choose [between] being fed and being warm. Never. But that is where these progressive energy policies are taking us and have left us. All this has been in the name of fighting back against [a] so-called “climate crisis” that has yet to materialize…But the energy crisis is here. We will see it every day. Americans will feel it every day, if we do not act.”

“The federal government should reverse policies across all agencies. We should restrict agencies that restrict energy production, that place undue burdens on businesses, or/and put foreign agreements above domestic priorities. We cannot restore our economy until we revive our energy sector. It’s not possible. It’s not going to happen. The safety, security, and well-being of the American people depend on the leaders in Congress having the courage to stand up to these green activists and stand with American families who need to fuel their cars and need heat their homes.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.