Tuberville Joins Kudlow to Discuss the Democrats’ Reckless Tax & Spend Spree

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) today joined Fox Business’ Kudlow to discuss far Left provisions in the Democrats’ reckless tax and spend spree along with major hurdles the legislation will face in the Senate.

Excerpts from Senator Tuberville’s interview can be found below, and the full interview can be found here.  

On the Democrats’ Reckless Tax and Spend Spree:

“Well, she [Speaker Pelosi] took everything and the kitchen sink and threw it at this bill. She wanted it off her desk, I guess, she wanted a good Thanksgiving. She put everything in there, a lot of it is not going to pass the Senate. A lot of these moderate Democrats are going to say ‘no.’ Then, it’s got to go back to the House.”

“The one gets me the $8 billion dollar methane fee, they’re going to tax natural gas, which is going up 17%, and it’s going to be a tax on all Americans, especially in rural areas. Then you go the $2.5 billion handout to the trial lawyers, Larry, they get to deduct expenses, the trial lawyers.”

“If you just look at the fine print, it says $2 trillion at the end of the day, I heard Democrats say in the Senate, you know, ‘We’re not going to allow them to say we’ll cut years out of it.’ At then, at the end of the day, we won’t be able to get out of those programs. This thing’s going to end up being $4 to $5 trillion no matter how you look at it.”

On the SALT Deduction:

“It’s a giveaway to the blue states up northeast and California. State and local taxes, they just want to give their money back to them so they can get their money in terms of campaign donations. It’s the only group in this whole bill that really basically will make money out of it. It’s ridiculous. President Trump and the administration that he had at the time, they put this in the tax code. I thought it helped. But obviously the Democrats, they see a away in terms of getting more campaign money, and this is probably a way to get it.”

On the IRS-related Provisions: 

“If you look at this bill, Larry, people [who] are making from $50,000 to $100,000 – it’s going to only help 4 percent of those families, 4 percent. But people [who] are making $500,000 to a million – it’s going to help 67 percent of those families. So, where was this ‘we’re not taxing anybody under $400,000?’ That was a lie at the beginning. It was going to be paid for? It’s not going to be paid for.”

“… this IRS thing just really bugs me. $80 billion dollars to the IRS, hiring 80,000 to 100,000 new agents.”

“It scares me to think what this big government socialist agenda is going to do with this kind of money, throwing it at the IRS, and trying to collect money from people [who are] trying to earn it the right way.” 

“I hear about it everywhere I go. That, and the IRS having the opportunity to get in your bank account. And I know they threw that out, but the $600 that you spend, or deposit, goes straight to the IRS, they’re going to try to get that back in there at end of the day. They said they raised it to $10,000 but $10,000 is too much. And used to, $10,000 went to the Treasury Department – the information – not to the IRS. And so, again, they’re trying to weaponize the IRS. It’s just another form of big government socialism.” 

On the Path Forward for the Democrats’ Tax and Spend Spree:

“We might even work through Christmas, but that’s fine. If we can block any of this and keep it from going to the American people where they have to pay more taxes, I’m all for it.”

“Why do we need it now? We’ve got way too much money out there. Inflation is going sky-high. They need to settle down and just understand that the American people don’t want it. But, Larry, they’ve got one more year. They’re going to try to get as much as this big government socialism in the American government as soon as they can, as fast as they can.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.