Tuberville Stands With Texas on Border Security

“Can there be any doubt that the Founding Fathers would consider this an invasion? 

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) took to the Senate floor to join his colleague U.S. Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) in support of the state of Texas’ attempts to secure its border with Mexico. The Biden Administration is suing the state of Texas in order to stop these efforts. Dr. Marshall attempted to pass a resolution declaring an “invasion” under Article IV of the Constitution, but Senator Alex Padilla (D-CA) objected and blocked the motion.

Read Senator Tuberville’s remarks below or watch his speech here.

“Mr. President, I’m proud to join my colleague Dr. Marshall on the floor today to support the state of Texas in their efforts to secure the disaster at the Southern Border. I have been there many times, and I would challenge my Democratic Colleagues: how many times have you been to the Southern Border in Texas to see this disaster? Right now, the Biden Administration is actively trying to stop the State of Texas from protecting our border. Meanwhile Democrats are telling the press that they want to fix the border crisis that President Biden has created—it has taken three years—but they say that Republicans won’t let them. That is not true. The Biden Administration is suing Texas and destroying barriers at the border actively every day. 

“The taxpayers have already paid for a wall—the extension of the wall that was stopped after President Trump stepped down a few years ago.  President Biden refuses to build the wall. He’s pushing a bill on us that sets aside money already appropriated for the wall and allows him to postpone new construction indefinitely. There is no plan. This is what they call a border bill. I call it a border give away. 

“Joe Biden is selling off the border wall for pennies on the dollar, that the taxpayers have already paid for. It is online. You can go online at an auction. The wall and razor wire are sitting on the ground mostly in Arizona, and you can buy it for 10 cents on the dollar. 

“He is actively destroying the southern border. This is something from the worst nightmares of our Founding Fathers—a President who is more concerned about other countries than about the American people.

“About half of America’s Southern Border is also the Southern Border of Texas. There’s an old saying that the Constitution is not a suicide pact. The federal government cannot force Texas to let itself be invaded and destroyed. Article 4, section 4 of the Constitution promises that the federal government SHALL protect every state from invasion. In fact, the Declaration of Independence accused King George of ‘exposing the colonies to all the dangers of invasion.’  Article I, section 10 of the Constitution explicitly says that a state may ‘engage in war without the consent of congress’ if ‘actually invaded or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.’

“Now let’s look at the facts. At least 10,000 people are crossing our border every day — averaging about 7,500 a day. The Biden Administration admits to releasing 85 percent of them into the United States. This is in addition to the 2 million illegal immigrants we’ve lost track of in the past three years. More than 100,000 Americans are dying every year because of the drugs brought over our Southern Border. That’s more than we lost in the entire Vietnam War. Drugs, gangs and even terrorists are flooding over our border. We do not know who they are. Can there be any doubt that the Founding Fathers would consider this an invasion?

The population of our country at the Founding was about 4 million people. We’ve had more than 8 million illegal crossings since Joe Biden took office. The sheer scale of this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. And so, it should be clear: the facts and the Constitution are both on the state of Texas’s side. And Texas has every right to protect its people. I’m confident that the Supreme Court will uphold the Constitution on this ruling. 

“But the real solution is not relying on a court ruling. The real solution is for President Joe Biden to stop destroying our border and put a stop to what is happening.

“Stop cutting the wire. Stop suing our border states. Stop selling off the wall. Stop pretending to want a border bill that we know won’t work. And stop encouraging this invasion of our country, which is costing American lives every single day.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.