Tuberville: Why are Democrats in Such a Hurry to Spend So Much?

‘With this bill, Democrats are painting a vision – their vision – for what they think America should be. Not what it is.’

‘And if you think these policies are bad, the taxes are worse.’

‘Rapidly rising prices translate to a tax on the American consumer – there is no other way to put it.’

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), today on the Senate floor, spoke about how Democrats’ tax and spend spree will not help address the myriad of crises facing our nation, from the southern border to Afghanistan, but will only fuel inflation and increase taxes.  

Excerpts from Sen. Tuberville’s remarks can be found below, and the full speech can be viewed here.

“Our country is facing several crises as we speak– we’re facing a border security crisis with record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants pouring into our country daily, weekly, and monthly. We’re facing a political humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan resulting from a fatally flawed political decision, and we’re still facing a public health crisis with the resurgence of COVID putting a strain on our health care system and our entire economy.”

“And despite the finger pointing that President Biden has tried to do, we’re seeing the real impact of his failed policies.”

“Every one of these crises – from the border, to Afghanistan, to COVID – require our attention – immediately. But you haven’t heard much more than a peep from our colleagues on the Left.”

“Instead, they’re focused on jamming through a $3.5 trillion spending bill.”

“You might find yourself asking rightfully so, ‘How will this package help the crises our nation is facing now, today?’”

“‘Will it help secure the border, will it bring home Americans who were abandoned in Afghanistan, will it encourage folks to talk to their doctor about getting the vaccine?’”

“The answer across the board is a definite ‘No’ – this reckless tax and spending spree will not do any of the above things.”

“What it will do is add to inflation which is already at the highest point dating back to at least 2010.”

“Tucked into this legislation is a laundry list of progressive initiatives to expand Medicare, fund climate programs, and provide universal preschool and free college. All while inflation is going sky high.”

“That includes the illegal immigrants-which we’ve talked about. They were actually considering this in the middle of a border crisis, which is as illogical as it is radical.”

“Democrats are also adding in parts of the disastrous PRO Act including a provision to overturn 85 years of precedent enabling lawsuits from civil penalties.  This would allow unions to bleed businesses dry. It would cause many companies to close up shop and move operations overseas.”

“Top on their list is an increase in the corporate tax rate from 21% to 26.5%. That’s higher than communist China’s corporate tax – higher than China’s.”

“Family farms, they’re gonna come under assault under assault with the increase of the capital gains tax and the death tax.”

“For every family across Alabama, this tax bill would mean an average tax increase of over $500.”

“Finally, Democrats want to increase the power of the IRS—and we’re all fired up about that – by requiring financial institutions to report any and all financial transactions of $600 dollars or more made by their customers.”

“This means that every check you write, every bill you pay, every Venmo you send, and every stock purchase you make over $600 will be reported to the IRS.”

“Our colleagues on the Left want to spend to no end, and the American people are sounding the alarm.”

“Inflation is a tax.”

“We’re not even through this year yet, but this out-of-control spending will amount to at least $6.5 trillion before the year is over.  Put another way, that equates to more than $50,000 for every household across the country – costing more than Obamacare and World War II combined.”

“The federal government cannot keep writing blank checks and expect future generations to foot the bill…this is real money we are talking about – this is not monopoly money.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.