What They Are Saying: Conservative Leaders Thank Tuberville

WASHINGTON – Conservative leaders are thanking Sen. Tuberville for his heroic 11-month stand against the Pentagon’s illegal taxpayer-funded abortion policy. Since the policy was announced in February, Senator Tuberville has held the Pentagon’s most senior nominations. Earlier this week, after Chuck Schumer rigged the outcome of the annual defense bill and threatened to change the rules of the Senate, Coach Tuberville narrowed his holds to include only 4-star generals and civilian nominees. Coach Tuberville will continue to fight back against the illegal policy and will always stand for life and for taxpayers.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT): “Senator Tuberville fought courageously for unborn Americans and the rule of law. His opponents threatened to forever destroy Senate procedure to get their way, and today he is acting to protect our institution from them. Hero.”

Congressman Barry Moore (R-AL): “Thank you, Senator Tuberville, for your tireless effort to protect innocent lives. The fight he has spearheaded is far from over — House Republicans will have a chance to defund Biden’s illegal abortion travel policy in the NDAA. I urge my colleagues to support this effort.”

Congressman Bob Good (R-VA): “Tommy Tuberville stood up for life. Pro-death Democrats in the Senate demonstrated they unequivocally prioritized an illegal policy that uses taxpayer funds to pay for abortion travel ahead of our military.”

Dr. Kevin Roberts, President of Heritage Foundation: “When Mr. Smith goes to Washington, Washington always fights back. That’s never been more clear than this year. While many in this town are content to continue business as usual, even if that means illegally paying to send American babies to their death, Sen. Tuberville refused. He refused to acquiesce to a politicized Department of Defense that demanded pay raises and promotions while they turned against America and the rule of law. He refused to abandon unborn children in favor of unelected bureaucrats. He refused to give into the status quo and turn against America’s grassroots who demanded a senator with a spine. Unfortunately, Sen. Tuberville was abandoned and undermined by his colleagues for the legitimate use of Senate procedures to say ‘no.’ The same senators who claim the mantle of tradition and Senate norms worked with the Left, threatening to destroy decades-old rules governing promotions rather than force Schumer to back down and vote one-by-one on these promotions. Pro-Life Americans thank Sen. Tuberville for his tireless efforts to fight the turning over of the Department of Defense to the abortion industry. We also look forward to efforts in the House to defund the administration’s illegal abortion-travel policy in the upcoming NDAA. Heritage Action urges lawmakers to oppose any NDAA which fails to protect life and uphold the integrity of our military.”

Family Research Council“Remarkably, Senator Tuberville held off the entire military-industrial complex and the Senate establishment for nine months. He ended the majority of his military holds today, and he’s given Republicans the chance–if they want it–to stop President Biden’s unlawful military abortion travel policy. This makes the NDAA even more important. We must hold the line on keeping the Jackson/Roy amendment.”

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life: “We’re proud of the stand that Senator Tuberville took on behalf of the preborn. Every day he stood firm was a message sent to Washington that the lives of America’s preborn are worth defending, even if Joe Biden and his Pentagon don’t think so. THANK YOU, SENATOR!”

Tom McClusky, CatholicVote: “Unfortunately, Joe Biden and the majority of Senate Republicans do not seem to care for either. Coach is a hero for continuing this fight. To his colleagues, I say: if you are actually pro-life, fight like you mean it.”

Eagle Forum“Senator Tuberville for the last 10 months has been a hero and a champion not only for life, but for the integrity and authority of the United States Senate. He demanded, in the face of the Defense Secretary’s unilateral changing of federal law, that the Senate call up, debate, and hold a vote on each military nomination submitted by the Biden Administration. Instead of undertaking a bit more work and inconveniencing Senators to get the nominations approved, Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) decided to inconvenience the military by spending less than ten days a month on average in session this year. And on the rare days that the Senate was in session, Sen. Schumer only allowed the Senate to vote on three military nominations. But the actions by Sen. Schumer should show the world who exactly is responsible for the delays. Sadly, the Democrat majority in the Senate was willing to decimate the rights of the minority by changing the standing rules to bypass Senator Tuberville’s objections. They were unwilling to stand up for their constitutional duties to make the laws and to give advice and consent – all to placate their radical pro-abortion base. In the face of grave harm to the institutional rules, Senator Tuberville has decided to let the nominations move forward by unanimous consent. Hopefully, history will record this period as one in which one strong Senator stood up for the rights of Congress to make law, of taxpayers to not pay for abortion services, and of the Senate to debate and vote on nominations. For these reasons, Eagle Forum is pleased to call him a Hero of the Republic.”

Alabama Policy Institute“Coach Tuberville brought light to darkness, awareness where there was little, and honor to the process. It is always the right thing to do to stand up for the truth. #warrior.”

Mike Davis, The Article III Project: “Cheers to Tommy Tuberville for taking his strong, courageous, and principled stand for 10 months. He sent a powerful message to the Pentagon: The military brass wants to politicize our military? They want to ignore civilian control? Then they can wait in line to get their stars.”

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Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.