ICYMI: Tuberville Joins “Kudlow” on Fox Business to Discuss Trump Trial, Legislation to Protect Small Businesses

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) joined “Kudlow” on Fox Business Network to discuss the trial of former President Trump, illegal immigration, and his new legislation to repeal the Corporate Transparency Act and protect small businesses.

Excerpts from Senator Tuberville’s remarks can be found below, and his full interview can be watched on YouTube or Rumble


KUDLOW: “Now you had the wonderful opportunity of being downtown for the trial today. You sat through it for many hours. Just give us an impression or two.”

TUBERVILLE: “Well, first of all, I wasn’t invited—I just showed up with J. D. Vance, the Senator from Ohio. We said ‘Hey, let’s go support President Trump.’ He was glad to see us. And we didn’t go [to support him] as former president, we went as a friend. And here’s a guy [Trump] that handled it better than I did, and he’s been doing it for five weeks. I can’t imagine going to that cold, dreary courtroom every day with over twenty DAs—Assistant DAs—from New York. You know, there’s a lot going on in this city, but they’re all in that courtroom trying to prosecute President Trump, but he handles it well. Their key witness was there today. And, you know, they had to get him out of, I guess, either home lock-up or a jail somewhere because he’s already been convicted of a felony—of lying in another jury case. And he’d said today he even lied while he was working for President Trump.”

KUDLOW: “He said that today?”

TUBERVILLE: “He said that today. And he also said that, and he did this, and they showed transcripts of this and played them over the loud speaker in the courtroom—he taped President Trump. He took his phone in and taped President Trump several times. And it was just amazing. Now, can you imagine you’re the President of the United States’ lawyer, and you’re in there taping a voice of the president and getting him on tape? I don’t know why he did it for, but there wasn’t really anything incriminating on it. But I’m sure he’s done it several times.”

KUDLOW: “You know, that’s big, though. The best lawyers we know—no one can figure out what exactly Trump did wrong here.”


KUDLOW: “I mean, it’s just the most remarkable thing. The Justice Department looked at it. The Federal Election Commission looked at it. The prior District Attorney in New York looked at it. Only Alvin Bragg was going after it with a bunch of Biden former DOJ associates working on this. I mean, who what’s he done wrong? That’s what is so baffling.” […]


TUBERVILLE: “[Trump has] told me for a year, Larry, that he’s gonna do this. He said, ‘We have no choice.’ It’s costing us a fortune to take care of these people coming across. Our veterans are suffering because now [the Biden administration is] using our VAs as healthcare [for illegal immigrants]. The millions and millions of dollars that the taxpayers are having to pay daily for taking care of these people is dead wrong. And again, the American people are suffering. The economy’s way up, prices are out the roof. But [Trump] will do that. He will load them up by the help of ICE, Border Patrol, local police, county police, state police.”

KUDLOW: “That’s right.”

TUBERVILLE: “They have to go home. Now we need people here, obviously. We want good people here, but we can’t take everybody. The American people can’t afford it. […] We need immigrants, and we’ve done that forever. We’re all immigrants, you know that. President Trump understands it.”

KUDLOW: “We need legal immigration.” […]


KUDLOW: “Senator Tuberville, the last one, you’re leading the charge to repeal this Corporate Transparency Act. […] What is this—even small businesses have to file names, addresses, all kinds of identification, and this has gone into a Treasury criminal database of some kind?”

TUBERVILLE: “Yeah. There’s 35 million small businesses. If you own an LLC, starting this year, you are going to have to send in all your data—your address, your phone numbers, your government ID. And if you don’t send it in, it’s a two-year criminal offense [in] prison, a $10,000 fine. They want it to make sure they can keep an eye on you. They say, ‘Well, it’s for these criminal groups that are shady.’ Well, wait a minute, criminals are not gonna give you their information. The good folks are gonna end up having to pay for this. And what it’s gonna do—it gives the IRS an eye on all LLCs—all small businesses. And when they wanna go in, if you forget to send that in every year and report yourself, you’re gonna have to pay a price for it through the IRS.”

KUDLOW: “Can you reverse this then?”

TUBERVILLE: “We’re gonna try to reverse it and they snuck it in the NDAA right after President Trump got out. And again, they said—”

KUDLOW: “Oh, that’s right.”

TUBERVILLE: “[They claimed it is about stopping] criminal activity.” 

KUDLOW: “Got it. Senator Tommy Tuberville, thanks for visiting with us. We appreciate it, as always.”  

Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, and HELP Committees.